Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bedford Avenue - Brooklyn - New York

Home of New York's greatest vintage store 'Beacons Closet' , Bedford avenue is NY's version of Portobello road. Set in Williamsburg Brooklyn - Bedford ave is only a short ride on the metro, no longer than 20 mins from Union Square. One long street filled with market stalls, quirky boutiques and cute cafes, the local artsy crowd are an inspiration... shame we didn't bump into Dan Humphrey!


Look: Indie funk
Get- her - style: Chloe Sevigny, Daisy Lowe
Haunts - Beacons Closet (colour co-ordinated vintage store)
Secret finds - Diane Von Furstenberg cashmere cardigan for $20 !!!
Restaurants - Relish Diner - where Kelis filmed her famous 'milkshake' video!

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